So. SO! Haven't you always wanted to see Anthem on pulped treeflesh? I think so. I think you do.

Because I have no time we will have to do this the ghetto way. What you can do is send me $15 via paypal, along with the shipping address, and if you want it signed or something, and I will send you a book!

Details: book includes storylines "Wake Up" through "Materials and Methods", plus two sketch pages (also up in the gallery). That's 100 pages of stuff! ... well, 50 back-to-back :D

Some things: $15 includes shipping. Ought to arrive within three to four business days of being ordered, if you are in the main US thing. If not, then I do not know how long.
FYI, it's possible you'll find the book for less; if you ever catch me in person they are $10, and if you get it through a second party (my compatriots at a con, comic stores I've worked a deal with, etc) it'll probably be $12. This way I don't have to futz around with shipping ^-^

Finally, in the first run of books there was a misprint, and one page got duplicated while the next got deleted. I have a few books from the second run without it, but I'm trying to get rid of the first ones I bought :P If you decide to go with a error-book, I'll include the missing page (as a print-out) as well as a page-sized print of your choosing; see the gallery for Anthem related pieces. There's also this pic of a ravin anthro nudibranch, a random dragon painting, and a few black and white creatures to chose from.

So, to summarize,

1) paypal $15 to
2) fill in your shipping address
3) Specify if you want a first-run misprinted book and what art print
        or if you want the second-run error-free book
4) Tell me if you want the book signed (and to who!) or any other requests

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