Amazingly Awesome Sites: The art.  The comic.  The The art. The comic. The insanity Not only does Onezumi make a fun comic, but she is a sooper nice, stompy, and CEO thing of unspeakable greatness!

Stumptuous Great site on bodybuilding and weight training. Focus is for women, but most of it is applicable to anyone.

Comics I Follow Vigorously:

Zebra GirlZebra Girl Demons! Monsters! Magic! Perverts! And oh, so much sarcasm.

Kiagi SwordscatKiagi Swordscat Massive silliness, mad styling art, an ocassional swordfight, and perverts! :D

Home Star Runner Not *quite* a comic, but close enough: a Highly Amusing Flash site. I recommend the Strongbad emails!

Something Positive Yes, I am among the legions of S*P readers... I think I may be a sarcasm junkie.

GirlyGirly I think this comic gets the most "AAHAHHAA... hahaha... can't breathe... too funny... going dark..." laughs out of me.

Schlock Mercenary Space opera with geeky humor and a trigger-happy amorphous blob with a plasma cannon!

Sluggy Freelance Probably one of the most widely-read webcomcis out there. But hey... there's a reason for that.

Jack Heaven, Hell, and Furries.

Team Special OlympicsTeam Special Olympics I don't think I can praise these comics enough! ... so I won't even try. Such beautiful teamwork and friendship they have. Really, check it out!!!

SLOP Anthro-horror, following a strangely sympathetic serial-killer porcine... SLOP's the kind of stuff you don't see very often. WARNING: Lots of adult content.

Daily Grind This really is an amazingly awesome comic: updated DAILY, this charming comic follows a team of anthros, headed by the super-smart and compassionate snake Howlett! Don't let the art throw you; it'll grow on you, and the writing is top-knotch.

Comics that I don't Follow Vigorously but are Quite Good:

Bob the Angry FlowerBob the Angry Flower it's... surreal.

Under PowerUnder Power Satire of every kind of comic stereotype out there, with fairly impressive art.

Supermegatopia! Silly furry superheroes!


Gun photos! ... it seemed appropriate.

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